Airborne® Dual Action™ Effervescent Tablets

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Airborne® Dual Action™ Effervescent Tablets

Our most powerful Airborne® tablets yet are clinically proven to boost your immune system*‡! This unique formula combines antioxidants and Beta-Immune Boosters™ in a fizzy tablet that dissolves in cold or hot water.

Beta-Immune Boosters™

Also known as yeast fermentate, this ingredient supports key immune activity to help your immune cells to work at their best and has been clinically proven to boost immune systems.

Powerful Antioxidants

Airborne® Dual Action™ is also packed with antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, and E which help support your overall health. Vitamin C works on a cellular level to adjust high levels of stress hormones and enhance the function of immune cells throughout your body. Vitamin E inactivates free radicals that can harm cells. Vitamin A – a phytonutrient that works as an antioxidant – promotes immune health and helps protect DNA.

Effervescent Tablet Immune Boost

Drop one Airborne® Dual Action™ Effervescent Tablet into cold or hot water, let it dissolve, and enjoy the fizzy citrus flavor.

About Airborne®

Airborne® is the brainchild of an inventive teacher who took it upon herself to find a solution that would support her immune system. She worked in collaboration with nutrition experts and herbalists to formulate an immune support supplement. Her ingenuity eventually led to Airborne®, now the go-to brand for immune support across the country.